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Jul 20th, 2021

Uptodown's official app was specifically designed for Android. Now you can download apps directly in APK format, quickly and safely. Plus, you get automatic updates as well as the option to rollback to any previous version.

Uptodown is a totally open app store, without any regional or country-specific restrictions. Plus, you don't need to go through any sign-up processes or subscriptions here. In fact, you don't even need a GooglePlay account. And, on top of allowing app downloads and APK installs from our own servers; Uptodown also detects XAPKs with additional OBB files. Make backups for any apps you download then pick and choose which ones you want to be updated -- all from the comfort of a simple and trustworthy interface.

Along with our huge catalog of thousands of Android apps, we provide enriched editorial content on apps, including in-house screenshots and videos we make ourselves. All of our content is written by our team of writers with neutrality at the cornerstone of our services.

Uptodown for Android is a much-improved version of our web-browser edition, with all the unique features smartphone and tablet users require, like Android installs, app management, and a full alternative catalog of apps for you to enjoy.
Reviewed by Raúl Rosso Translated by Alexander Aldrich
How to use Android without depending on Google services [Tutorial]

Call it the home team advantage. Google, as the adoptive father of the Android platform, has a lot of facilities when it comes to preferring its own apps over those from third parties. This doesn't mean you can't unlink your device from its software, though to completely root out all traces of Google you'll need patience, caution, and the willingness to make a few sacrifices. Here I share my experience trying to block all Google apps on an Android device.
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Five tips to protect your Android device from malware

The widespread existence of malware on Android is a fact that many users are not aware of, especially the so-called ransomware associated with traditional phishing or identity theft. It’s a process through which the attacker infects the information stored on the affected device and encrypts it, preventing access by the owner and asking for a monetary compensation, or "ransom" in order to get it back. To do this, the attacker attempts to trick the user by appearing to be a known service or company and thus achieve access to the login information illegally. Although this type of malicious software has always been linked to desktop computers, in reality, mobile devices are just as likely to being affected.  
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Android turns 10 years old: a look back at the platform on Uptodown

There was a time long ago when Uptodown lived almost exclusively from the download of programs for Windows; a relatively dark time that changed radically with the turn of the decade. This week marks 10 years since the first public version of Google's operating system was published. From a mere 10% share of the market on a global scale in 2010, it quickly reached almost 80% in less than 2 years. Right at the beginning of this boom is when we put our money on the system —when it was still basically in diapers— becoming what's currently the focal point around which our platform orbits. 
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Jul 20th, 2021


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angryvioletpear93377 1 day ago

my besties when im bored♡

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vvv good app

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feownewoifweoi 3 weeks ago

great app!

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Can I really download easyly

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Hope to experience great service from you. I downloaded apps from you store within 30mins.

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